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Willow Lane Isaac's Ideal Lad

Willow Lane Isaac's
Ideal Lad

Sire: Ox Kill Martin

Dam: Black Forest Ideal Mystic Maid

DOB: July 14, 2006

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We are deeply saddened to
report that Isaac passed
away due to illness on
November 24, 2017
He will be missed.

Windcharger Cherise

Windcharger Cherise

Sire: Manor Mac T

Dam: Starcastle Charm

DOB: March 11, 2017

Windcharger Gypsy

Windcharger Gypsy

Sire: Providence Flynn

Dam: Heart Mt Morning Glory

DOB: May 10, 2017

Knight Haven Princess Turandot

Knight Haven
Princess Turandot

Sire: Illusion Crystal Clear of Ox Hill

Dam: Swiss Shire Lassie

DOB: March 10, 2008

Princess Turandot's Foal:
Windcharger Titan

Heart Mt Morning Glory

Heart Mt Morning Glory

Sire: Ruskington Danny

Dam: Shirley’s Misty

DOB: January 1, 2009

Heart Mt Morning Glory's Foal:
Windcharger Gypsy

Windcharger Destiny

Windcharger Destiny

Sire: Manor Mac T

Dam: Starcastle Delight

DOB: July 5, 2015

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BK's Emily of the New Moon

Summer Rain BK's
Emily of the New Moon

Sire: Deighton Black Night

Dam: Tamarack Graceful Emma

DOB: March 29, 2004

Emily's Foals:
Windcharger Explorer
Windcharger Eclipse
Windcharger Eli
Windcharger Epic
Windcharger Excel

Starcastle Pride

Starcastle Pride

Sire: Starcastle Challenger

Dam: Starcastle Marionette

DOB: April 8, 2004

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Starcastle Pride's Foals:
Windcharger PM Ross (Doc)
Windcharger Patriot
Windcharger Phantom
Windcharger Pegasus
Windcharger Prime Time

Manor Mac T

Manor Mac T

Sire: Moorfield Manor Mac

Dam: Murray Croft Tina

DOB: April 10, 2010

See Lineage and Show Records

Metherington Upton Tara

Metheringham Upton Tara

Sire: Metheringham Upton Hamlet

Dam: Metheringham Upton Alisha

DOB: March 2, 2013

Tara's Foal:
Windcharger Treasure

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Northeast Anisette

Northeast Anisette

Sire: Rushall Isaac

Dam: Sassy Supreme Daisey Marie

DOB: June 25, 2013

Northeast Anisette's Foal:
Windcharger Absolute
Windcharger Alexis


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