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In the News

There are always lots of things happening in the Shire Horse world. Check out the Association links and read about Upcoming Events and Windcharger activities in the write-ups below.

Upcoming Events 2020

All events cancelled until further notice due to
COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

NAERIC Draft Horse Futurity Sale

NAERIC Draft Horse Futurity Sale

Check out this website for the NAERIC Draft Horse Futurity Sale in Brandon, Manitoba. There were 20 yearlings sold and it was the first time Shires were listed in the Futurity. These yearlings will return to compete in 2016 in 2 driving classes and a line class. 

Windcharger PM Ross (Doc)Windcharger Explorer

Congratulations to Mark & Mike Hill of Goodsoil, Saskatchewan on the purchase of Windcharger PM Ross (Doc) at the NAERIC sale (shown above left). The Hills are first time owners of a Shire. Welcome to the "Shire World".  

Windcharger Explorer (above right) was sold into the US at the NAERIC sale. Watch for this guy to show up in a hitch in a couple of years!

Draft Horse Clinic:

Driving, Grooming and Showmanship

Draft Horse ClinicThe Windcharger Draft Horse Clinic, held April 13 & 14, 2013, was a great success with 26 pre-registering and 43 attending.  This was a pretty diverse group, from age 8 – 70 (as well as our 86 year old neighbor – a long time teamster).  Approximately one third were youth participants, including several spectators who joined us from time to time throughout the weekend.  Some were brand new to the draft horse world, while others had years of experience.  All went home with renewed enthusiasm, having learned different ways of doing things and perhaps viewing their involvement with their horses with a new perspective.

Draft Horse ClinicHead instructor, Brian Coleman of Didsbury, Alberta polled everyone and focused as much as possible on the areas of interest for this group.  Day One started off in the shop with Brian giving a talk on safety and horse psychology.  Moving over to the barn, the group split into two with Jeneen taking the people interested in braiding and decorating and Brian and Tim demonstrating grooming, trimming & shoeing, conformation, training techniques, horse behavior and psychology, and harness fitting.

Due to the wintery, wet and muddy weather, the driving portion of the Clinic was moved into Dawson Creek in the DC Saddle Club Arena.    Sunday’s activities included:

  • ground driving – first each other then the horses

  • harnessing and hooking safety

  • driving a single or a team, with everyone getting the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills

All in all, it was a great weekend – everyone asked lots of questions, learned and took home new ideas. There were lots of new techniques to use and information to think about.  The comments from the participants were very positive.  We want to thank Brian Coleman and Tim & Jeneen Awckland for their enthusiasm and skill in communicating their experience and knowledge to young and old, and for helping to cultivate interest in the draft horse industry.

The Clinic was sponsored by:

  • Windcharger Heritage Farm Ltd. – Dale & Maxine Campbell

  • River Run Farms – Tim & Jeneen Awckland

  • Canadian Shire Horse Association

  • BC Percheron Association

  • Canadian Clyde Horse Association

  • Wild Rose Draft Horse Association


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